Joliet Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

Joliet drug crimes defense attorney Steven Haney has decades of experience successfully helping clients who have been investigated for, or charged with, a serious narcotics or drug offense such as possession, trafficking or delivery of cocaine or crystal meth?

We’re proud of our reputation as dedicated advocates for our criminal defense clients in Joliet, Will County and Illinois at the Law Office of Steven Haney. Our Joliet drug crimes defense attorney top priority each day is to safeguard your rights, freedoms and property with the most experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable defense possible.

We summon every research finding, investigative resource and expert testimony that can persuasively challenge the drug offense evidence stacked against you. We dig deeply into your case findings to arrive at how law enforcement went about implicating you: whether it was an invalid search warrant, illegal search and seizure, use of a suspicious informant, undercover operation flaw or the distinct possibility of entrapment.

Contact us in Joliet if you’ve been wrongly accused of a narcotics or drug offense. Our 20-plus years of successfully representing people just like you can turn the tide in your favor.

Experienced, Aggressive and Knowledgeable Drug Crimes Defense

Our skilled drug offense lawyer uses convincing political skills with local courtroom colleagues to negotiate on your behalf and carefully examines the facts and circumstances of your case.

We also employ his lengthy, impressive prosecutorial background to counter the moves of those who would convict and punish you for alleged drug offenses. Our creative defense strategies are formulated with the goal of gaining an outright dismissal or reasonable reduction of the charges. When we do go to trial, our preparation of material and commitment to maintaining your freedom will be obvious.

We have consistently and successfully represented Illinois clients facing drug crimes charges involving a variety of substances such as marijuana, cocaineand ecstasy. Our trial appearances have come in situations related to the following:

~Drug or narcotics possession
~Drug possession with intent to deliver
~Delivery of controlled substances
~Drug trafficking
~Crystal meth use or manufacture
~Abuse of prescription medicines
~Drug probation violations

We will professionally, passionately and comprehensively defend your case on your behalf and those of your family and your future. If your peaceful life and routine have been abruptly derailed by drug offense allegations, be in touch with our Joliet law office today.

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Have you been arrested for, and charged with, a serious narcotics or drug offense? Then you need experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation; exactly the kind of representation that our Joliet drug crimes defense attorney has been providing for years.

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