Joliet Drug Cultivation Attorney

Illinois Drug Manufacturing Attorney

Drug manufacturing and cultivation offenses are taken very seriously in Illinois. A conviction on these types of charges could result in some extremely severe penalties, including jail time and a criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life. These cases can be extremely complex, so it is critical that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side from the start.

At the Law Office of Steven Haney, we provide aggressive, skillful representation to clients throughout Will County and the surrounding area. Our Joliet drug cultivation lawyer has extensive experience handling cases involving marijuana grow houses, meth labs and other alleged drug operations.

Pursuing Every Available Option to Protect Your Rights

There are escalating levels of offenses you can be charged with in these cases based on the amount of drugs involved, making the number of marijuana plants or the quantity of methamphetamine on the premises at the time of your arrest a major consideration. We work directly with you to understand the facts of the case from your perspective and build the most compelling possible defense on your behalf.

We closely examine every aspect of your case, looking for anything that can be challenged under the law. In previous cases, we have been successful challenging the validity of the search and the intrusion into the home. We look for defects in the warrant, such as insufficient or incorrect information on the warrant itself or in the information provided to the judge to obtain it.

Get the Representation You Need

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