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Illinois Drug Sale Attorney

If you are convicted on drug distribution charges, you will face severe penalties, including fines that start at $50,000 and mandatory jail time. You could also lose your right to own a firearm and other rights. In addition, penalties can increase considerably if you were in possession of a firearm while selling drugs or within 1500 feet of a park, school or church.

In their ongoing “war on drugs”, police and prosecutors will do almost anything to get a conviction. If you are facing charges for drug sales or distribution, it is critical that you have an experienced criminal defense lawyer with the ability to protect your rights. Joliet drug distribution lawyer Steven Haney has been fighting to protect the rights of people accused of these types of crimes for more than 20 years.

Providing a Strong Defense Against Aggressive Investigators and Prosecutors

If police find a large quantity of drugs in your home, they sometimes make assumptions about distribution versus possession based on common items found in many Illinois homes such as small baggies and food scales. As a former Will County prosecutor, Mr. Haney understands the tactics employed by the other side in search of a conviction for a higher crime.

We will present the most compelling possible argument to combat their assertions and work to beat the charges against you outright. The prosecution must prove your intent to distribute drugs, and we have proven strategies designed to expose the flaws in their arguments. In addition, we will seize any opportunity to discredit the validity of the search that uncovered the drugs and the warrant issued to permit it.

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