Joliet Drug Trafficking Attorney

Illinois Drug Law Attorney

Drug trafficking cases can be extremely complex legal matters. Even though the American legal system is predicated on the fact that every person is considered innocent until proven guilty, it seems that many drug trafficking investigations proceed based on a presumption of guilt. In cases like these, it is critical that you have strong representation from an experienced Joliet drug trafficking lawyer who will fight to protect your rights.

At the Law Office of Steven Haney, we have represented clients in a wide variety of drug trafficking cases. Mr. Haney is a former Will County prosecutor who has represented the government on the other side of drug offense cases on numerous occasions. His thorough understanding of prosecution strategy allows him to be much more proactive as he prepares your defense.

Holding Law Enforcement Accountable to the Law

Joliet and Will County are at the crossroads of America. Many people who are arrested for suspicion of drug trafficking in this area are guilty of nothing more than driving a rental car, having out of state plates or being of a certain ethnic background. This is referred to as profiling, and it has no place in police work.

When you hire our firm, we will diligently pursue every avenue in an effort to secure a positive result in your case. A key component of drug trafficking is the transporting of drugs across state lines. The prosecution carries the burden of proving that you were involved in bringing them into the state. If they can’t, it substantially weakens its case against you. As part of your defense, we will exploit any shortcomings in the prosecution’s case.

Ready to Fight for Your Rights

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