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Many people mistakenly believe that, if they were never convicted of a crime, they have no criminal record. While it is true that you have no convictions on your record in this situation, the arrest, charge and prosecution records are still available to the public and often show up on criminal background checks.

There are times when prospective employers and others can misread the background check reports and interpret the arrests as convictions, hurting your chances for employment and other opportunities. The good news is that, if you were not convicted of the crime, you have the right to have the arrest records sealed so that they are not visible to the public through a process called expungement.

Working to Clear Your Record

Joliet expungements attorney Steven Haney is an experienced criminal defense attorney serving all of Will County and the surrounding area. He has helped countless clients to make a clean break from a troublesome past by having old arrest records sealed. There are specific criteria that need to be met in order for a record to be expunged. Mr. Haney will take the time to explain your rights and provide a thorough review of your case.

In general terms, if you were tried and found not guilty or the charges against you were dropped before trial, you can usually get the record expunged. In situations where you were found guilty and put on court supervision, you may be able to have the record expunged provided that enough time has passed since your supervision was terminated and you have had no other confrontations with the law.

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