Joliet Arson Defense Lawyer

Illinois regulators take arson offenses very seriously. Under Illinois arson laws, anyone convicted for an arson offense must register with local law enforcement for up to 10 years following conviction or release from jail. As a result, even seemingly absentminded mistakes like discarding a cigarette in an inappropriate place which causes a fire can have serious ramifications if the state views the situation as arson.

At the Law Office of Steven Haney, we use our aggressive courtroom skills and former prosecution experience to provide clients with highly experienced and reputable defense representation. If you are under investigation for insurance fraud or have been charged with arson in the Joliet area, contact our Illinois law firm right away for a free initial consultation to discuss the charges against you and possible defense strategies.

Avoid Strict Penalties for an Arson Conviction

Arson offenses encompass a wide range of illegal activity beyond physically starting the fire. Persons who possess, manufacture or transport the materials used in the arson may also face serious penalties, if convicted. Examples of arson offenses under Illinois arson laws include:

~Arson: Damage to real estate property valued over $150 by fire or explosive.
~Aggravated arson: Various factors can cause arson to be enhanced to an aggravated offense – the individual knew of people residing in the building; someone suffered serious bodily injury; a fireman or policeman at the scene was injured
~Residential arson: Partial or total damage to a home or dwelling of another by fire or explosive
~Place of worship arson: Partial or total damage to a church or other place of worship by fire or explosive
~Possession of explosives: Possession, manufacture or transportation of explosives, detonating or timing devices.

Our criminal defense law firm is dedicated to providing experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable arson defense representation to clients in the Joliet area. We thoroughly investigate the case and analyze the evidence brought by the prosecution. In this day and age, forensic evidence is more important than ever in arson cases. Testimony by arson investigators and forensic scientists are important to prove that a fire was intentionally set.

As a former prosecutor, attorney Steven Haney is familiar with the technical deficiencies that can weaken an arson case against you. Our firm uses this insight and experience to prepare a solid defense strategy on your behalf. We also have access to investigators, labs and scientists who can review the facts and evidence used by the prosecutor and who can provide independent testing and evidence regarding the use of accelerants, such as gasoline.

Contact an Aggressive Arson Defense Lawyer

If you have been arrested or are under investigation for an arson-related offense or for insurance fraud related to a recent fire claim, don’t speak with police, fire investigators or insurance investigators without first consulting a skilled defense attorney. Contact the Law Office of Steven Haney for experienced legal advice in Illinois.