Will County, Illinois, Assault and Battery Attorney

Facing criminal charges for assaulting someone, with or without a weapon, is a serious matter that requires immediate and experienced representation. Hiring an attorney who knows the law and the local justice system can help prevent a misdemeanor assault or battery charge form becoming a felony offense charge.

From simple assault to felony aggravated battery charges, the Law Office of Steven of Steven Haney in Joliet, Illinois, provides over 20 years of experienced legal advice, representation and guidance through the justice system. Contact us to discuss the criminal charges you face.

Handling All Types of Criminal Charges

Our firm has effectively defended many Illinois clients against a wide range of misdemeanor or felony assault and battery crimes, including:

Assault — threatening harm to others or causing fear of injury
Battery — intentionally causing bodily harm to others or provoking physical contact
Aggravated assault — assault using a weapon, or against government employees, such as police or firefighters, or against a disabled or elderly person
Aggravated battery — battery with or without a weapon, against government employees, the mentally disabled or senior citizens
Domestic battery — domestic assault against a spouse, child, unborn children, or other family members
Sexual Assault — rape, date rape, and sexual assault against children

Whether you are charged with assault and battery following a bar fight, a domestic squabble, or even while getting arrested, do not attempt to talk your way out. Talk to a skilled defense lawyer at our firm and let us speak for you moving forward. A misdemeanor can escalate quickly into harsher charges, involving weapons, minors or shoving an officer.

Experienced, Knowledgeable, Aggressive

We know the laws, the often tricky sentencing issues and more importantly, the law enforcement authorities, prosecutors and judges involved in these types of violence cases. Depending on the circumstances, we can aggressively negotiate for a reduced charge or for probation if you are convicted or plead guilty.

Contact Us Immediately

Don’t wait to address the assault and battery charges against you. Your reputation and freedom are at stake. Contact us by e-mail today, or phone or fax our Joliet, Illinois law office and arrange for your free initial consultation. Our experienced criminal defense attorney has been defending clients throughout Illinois for over 20 years.