Joliet, Illinois, Homicide and Manslaughter Lawyer

Murder and manslaughter are some of the worst charges a person can face. With a minimum penalty of two years in prison for felony manslaughter, to a 20-year minimum up to life sentence for first degree murder, anyone facing these types of crimes in Illinois needs the best defense they can get.

For over 20 years the Joliet, Illinois Law Office of Steven Haney has been dedicated to skilled defense representation of those facing a wide range of misdemeanor and felony charges. If you face a felony conviction for manslaughter or murder, contact us immediately. The sooner we get involved the better chance we have of making a difference in the outcome.

Experienced, Aggressive and Knowledgeable Representation

Our skilled criminal defense attorney Steven Haney is a former prosecutor with valuable insight into handling a wide range of felony charges involving:

~First-degree murder (intentional and deliberate)
~Involuntary manslaughter (heat of passion)
~Reckless homicide (vehicular homicide)
~Killings involving firearms or other deadly weapons
~Aggravated arson causing a death
~Domestic violence involving the death of an infant
~Juveniles charged with killing a parent or sibling

We conduct detailed investigations involving circumstantial evidence or DNA evidence. We consult with experts in forensics, crash scene investigation, firearms, and human behavior to determine if coercion, diminished capacity or mental illness is a factor. Our firm takes a tenacious approach to fighting all criminal charges, including using such issues as time served and good-time credits to help reduce sentences.

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If you have been arrested on homicide, manslaughter or similar charges in Illinois, trust in our Joliet law firm to provide the experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable criminal defense counsel you need and deserve. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.