Joliet Weapons Charges Defense Lawyer

If you’ve recently been arrested for illegally carrying a concealed weapon or charged with any other gun or firearms offense in Joliet or elsewhere Illinois, you know that a person doesn’t have to be a celebrity to come under intense scrutiny from authorities. You could be a hunter, sportsman, gun collector or average citizen seeking protection for your home and family and are now facing weapons charges with serious ramifications.

At the Law Office of Steven Haney, we’ve been protecting the Second Amendment rights of people just like you for over 20 years. Our experience providing aggressive defense against weapons charges and our comprehensive knowledge of weapons law have resulted in an impressive track record of results for our clients facing prosecution for gun-related offenses in Illinois.

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Experienced, Aggressive and Knowledgeable Weapons Defense

You can expect attentive, creative and quality legal representation in weapons-related situations involving:

~Possession of firearms, handguns or tasers
~Assault with a deadly weapon
~Ammunition manufacturing
~Carrying of concealed weapons
~Unlicensed firearms use
~Unlawful sale of weapons or illegal firearms dealing
~Illegal discharge of weapons
~Unlawful possession of weapons by felons or minors
~Trigger lock cases
~Possession, manufacture or sale of explosives
~Other weapons charges

Our skillful Illinois criminal defense attorney insists on being constantly accessible to each of our clients from the start to the finish of a weapons defense case. In addition, we keep up to date with the federal weapons laws and sentences as well as Illinois gun charges and laws. We keep each client “in the loop” regarding any development in his or her case.

In order to provide the most comprehensive defense possible against weapons charges, we look carefully and thoroughly at the possibility of an illegal search and seizure and at any evidence against our client that might be tainted or suspiciously handled. If our client’s rights were violated, we fight vigorously to have this evidence suppressed from the record.

We welcome the opportunity to devote our knowledge, energies and resources in defending you against weapons charges.

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Weapons charges are serious business to us. If you’ve been arrested for a weapons-related offense, only the experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable kind of legal representation offered by our attorney Steven Haney will do.

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