Joliet Burglary Defense Attorney

The Law Office of Steven Haney in Joliet, Illinois, has been providing suspects in burglary and theft cases with experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation for over 20 years.

We get to the bottom of the burglary or theft allegations against you, negotiate with officers of Will County courts on your behalf, and devote all of our energies and resources to a positive outcome for you at trial. Our founding member’s successful track record as a former prosecutor helps us frustrate the opposing counsel’s moves against you at every turn.

Convictions in burglary, theft and robbery cases can cause sweeping, negative changes in your life and in your family’s future. Contact us immediately for afree initial consultation if we can be of service in defending you.

Experienced, Aggressive and Knowledgeable Burglary Defense

Our Joliet law office has successfully handled burglary and theft defenses for many years in cases involving:

~Auto theft
~Theft by check
~Employee pilferage
~Grand theft
~Petty theft
~Computer access theft
~Identity theft
~Bank, wire or mail fraud

Our experienced burglary defense attorney works hard to help you avoid the penalties for burglary, robbery and theft, which can range from fines in the hundreds of dollars to lengthy prison sentences and fines in the thousands. A theft conviction can also follow you into the employment marketplace and make it difficult for you to obtain a security clearance or professional license.

In the area of retail theft, you may have been arrested for shoplifting even though your intent was not to steal at all. Many of these arrests have been based on situations in which a person accused of stealing had taken an item out of a store that he or she intended to pay for but forgot to do so.

Notify our law office in Joliet today if we can help with your defense against theft charges. Our many years of familiarity with these cases can get results for you.

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Our skilled defense lawyer has come to the aid of burglary and theft suspects in Joliet and Will County for years. You can also benefit from our experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation.

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