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There is no crime that has the potential to do more damage to your reputation than any type of sex crime allegation.   The mere accusation of a sex crime can cause your closest friends to distance themselves from you.  A conviction for any sex crime can do irreparable harm to your future and earn you a permanent spot on the Illinois sex offender registry, among other penalties.

If you have been accused of any type of sex offense, you should seek the advice of an experienced Joliet criminal lawyer immediately. The sooner you have skilled legal representation, the better your chances for a favorable outcome. At the Law Office of Steven Haney, our Joliet criminal lawyer has defended clients in a broad range of these cases.

The Police Want to Talk to me.  What should I do?:

Protecting Your Rights and Your Good Name

There is a lot at stake in a case involving an alleged sex offense, and Joliet criminal lawyer Steven Haney takes his professional obligation to you very seriously. You can rely on him to do everything in his power to beat the charges. He will work to uncover false allegations and work to clear your name so that you can begin to restore your reputation.

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There is a broad range of sex offenses.  They typically include the criminal offenses of:

  • predatory criminal sexual assault,
  • aggravated criminal sexual assault,
  • aggravated criminal sexual abuse,
  • criminal sexual assault,
  • sexual exploitation of a minor,
  • traveling to meet a minor, and
  • criminal sexual abuse.

The specific charge will depend on many factors.  These include the age of the alleged victim, the relationship between the alleged victim and the accused, and the type of alleged sexual conduct.  Penalties will also vary depending on the specific charge.  However, sex offense penalties can be sever including the risk for consecutive sentences.

Joliet criminal lawyer Steven Haney has successfully helped clients against all types of sex offense charges, including:

~Sexual assault and abuse
~Child sexual abuse and pornography
~Internet sex crimes
~Solicitation of a minor
~Age of Consent

Putting Our Experience to Work For You

Contact Joliet criminal lawyer Steven Haney today for a free initial consultation to discuss your sex offense case and learn more about what he can do to help you. You can reach him by phone at 815-723-5600 or via e-mail.