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Illinois Child Pornography Lawyer Defending the Accused

In our ever-expanding electronic age, Internet crimes that were once only reserved for computers now include cell phones, PDAs, some MP3 players and other electronic devices that provide access to the Internet. In recent years, one of the fastest growing and most aggressively prosecuted areas of Internet crime is sex crimes.

Internet sex crimes are very serious offenses that, in addition to the potential for severe criminal penalties, can do irreversible damage to your personal reputation. If you have been accused of any kind of Internet sex crime, be sure that you have strong representation from a qualified criminal defense lawyer with the ability to protect your interests.

We Fight for You

Joliet Internet sex crimes attorney Steven Haney has extensive experience handling all types of these cases. He provides aggressive defense designed to beat the charges against you so you can walk away with your rights, your freedom and your reputation intact. In many cases, we can argue that other people had access to your computer or other electronic device, casting doubt on the prosecution’s assertion that, as the owner, you must have been the one breaking the law.

We have successfully represented clients in a broad range of Internet sex crime cases, including:

~Distribution of harmful materials
~Indecent texting
~Sending indecent cell phone pictures
~Solicitation of a minor via the Internet
~Child pornography

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