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If your Illinois driving privileges are currently suspended or revoked, you need be aware of the potential consequences to being arrested and charged with driving while suspended, or driving while revoked in Will County, Illinois.

driver’s license suspension can occur for many reasons. Several things can lead to a license suspension. A dui arrest, an unpaid traffic ticket, failure to have your car tested for emissions, and too many convictions in a given time period, are some of the most common reasons for the Illinois Secretary of State to suspend a person’s license.

If arrested and charged for Driving while license suspended, the penalties can vary depending upon the underlying reason for the suspension. In many instances, the suspension can be lifted by fixing the initial basis that caused the suspension. This, then, provides the opportunity for any court sanction to be minimal without any further damage to your driving privileges.

Driving while revoked is more serious.  The overwhelming majority of revocations arise as a result of a DUI conviction. There are minimum mandatory penalties that usually apply to a charge of driving while revoked. These penalties vary depending upon your driving record.

A first offense is a misdemeanor, but requires a minimum sentence of 10 days in jail or 240 hours of public service work. A second offense of driving while license revoked can be charged as a Class 4 felony requiring a minimum penalty of either 30 days in jail, or 300 hours of public service work. A third offense also can be charged as a Class 4 felony, but public service work is not a sentencing option. It mandates a minimum jail sentence of 30 days.

The stakes go even higher for a fourth or subsequent violation, which can be charged as a Class 4 or greater felony. A minimum jail sentence of 180 consecutive days in jail is mandatory.

In addition to these stated penalties, additional consequences include anextension of the revocation or suspension period, as well as the likelihood the State will confiscate your vehicle and seek a court ordered forfeiture.

If you are charged with any driver’s license offense in Will County, please call Joliet lawyer Steven Haney. He is a former prosecutor located in downtown Joliet just 2 blocks from the Will County courthouse. He has helped hundreds of people deal with the charge of driving while license suspended or driving while license revoked and got them on the path to having their driving privileges reinstated.

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